Chapter Four: Hazy

I woke with a smokey quartz hanging over my head from a leather string, the tip of the gemstone drawing the tiniest circles in the air as it dangled there. An old hand holding it drew it away. “Welcome back, Lyric,” greeted the warm voice next to me. “How do you feel?” I blinked and…Read more Chapter Four: Hazy


Chapter Three: Fade Away

A potato with all the fixings meant baked, wild potato with gamy venison chili, sharp cheddar and blue cheese, fresh, wild green onions, home-grown jalapenos, and locally made sour cream. I wiped my nose from the heat of the meal and continued to chow down while Light explained the situation to Mr. Keys. The old…Read more Chapter Three: Fade Away

Chapter Two – Tumbling Down

On the porch of the McMeirs, Mom hugged my shoulders in comfort. I leaned into her side and sighed. She said as she petted Lightning Dancer's big head on her other side, “Frightening, isn't it?” “Yeah,” I answered, my voice catching. It was bad enough I couldn't go to a school where I felt safe,…Read more Chapter Two – Tumbling Down

Dissolve: Chapter One – Once Upon a Time

My father liked instant coffee. He drank it since the day it was invented. He often told me it reminded him of the years he drank campfire-brewed coffee. It reminded him of the stories weaved by weary soldiers as they huddled around the fire for warmth in the trenches during war. He drank it every…Read more Dissolve: Chapter One – Once Upon a Time

Dissolve: Prologue

Dedication: Sola Fide, Sola Scriptura; Sola Christus. To my family, my cat, and my friends. To Kkat and Somber for their fan-fiction that inspired me to finish this book. To all creators across all media who do what they love for the sake of communicating a story and idea in a unique way or to…Read more Dissolve: Prologue