Fran Bow

Genre: Point-and-Click, Adventure, Horror RATING: M for Mature Link:   I’m a fan of point-and-click adventure games. I’m also gaining an affinity for the dark and twisted-ness of children growing up quickly and overcoming obstacles while maintaining their innocence, like Spirited Away. This is my review of Fran Bow, a story of a girl…Read more Fran Bow


A Barren Wasteland

Genre: Strategy, RPG, turn-based, choose-as-you-go, adventure, Apocalyptic Platform: Window’s Phone, Windows PC RATING: T for Teens – M for mature Link: Windows Store     Both these games are simple, but effective as far as games, as well as mildly complex. Which is why I’m lumping them together, because they make for a great example into…Read more A Barren Wasteland

Legends of Lore

  Genre: RPG, Choose-as-you-go Platform: Windows Phone Exclusive RATING: T for teen - M for mature Link:   Do you like RPGs? Turn based battles? Choose as you go text adventure? Lore is one of those juicy little gems, putting you in the shoes of the hero while you trek through this odd little…Read more Legends of Lore

Run The Shadow

Genre: Puzzle RATING: E+ Platform: Windows Microsoft Phone, PC Link: Microsoft Store Alcatraz Escape was the only free one   There’s some perks to having a windows phone, I suppose. It doesn’t make up for the fact I no longer have a WordPress App, don’t have half the apps that iPhone or Android have, and…Read more Run The Shadow

Shin Megami Tensei IV

Genre: JRPG Platform: 3DS RATING: M Link: Amazon   The way I found this game was because the clerk at GameStop said, “Its Pokémon, but for adults.” And nothing else. I was hooked from the introduction and found more than I bargained for. Written by the developer best known for the Paranoia series, Shin Megami…Read more Shin Megami Tensei IV

Deep Sleep Trilogy

Genre: Point-&-Click adventure, Horror Link: GAME JOLT Rating: M   Deep, Deeper, and Deepest Sleep. Dark, mysterious, and yet so simply executed. You dream one night and a near-featureless figure with white eyes follows you. You feel as if you are unlocking some secret buried deep within this dream world as you attempt to escape.…Read more Deep Sleep Trilogy


Genre: Sci-Fi, Mystery, Pixelated, Platformer Link to Game: Download Here Platform: PC RATING: M   A retro, pixelated game in which you play as a deteriorating protagonist fighting zombies, guards, and robots to escape a facility and uncover who you really are. Also, to take down the crazy doctor who’s been torturing you in lab experiments…Read more 1213