I'm getting rid of this blog in favor of a new website: Blessed Swan Studios. Its a hub site for all my projects. There's also a blog, where I can post things. This website will still be here for another month or so. It will be dead, but still here in case you happen to…Read more NEW WEBSITE


Chapter Ten: Galvanize

Tesha must have spotted the on coming vehicle, too, as she throttled her motorcycle to top speed to avoid getting hit. The sedan narrowly missed us, while the bike couldn't handle the sudden change in speed. I was thrown to the road and Tesha swerved, the bike falling on the side. Bruised, I lifted myself…Read more Chapter Ten: Galvanize

Chapter Ten: The Fool, The Devil; the Ace of Cups

It surprised me no one stopped to give me a ride. The aroma of gasoline and burned rubber singed my throat like batter acid in the back of my throat. I found myself in coughing fits. A few cars came close to hitting me, going out of their way to straddle the shoulder. I was…Read more Chapter Ten: The Fool, The Devil; the Ace of Cups

Chapter Nine: Black and White

I was riding a black horse. The sky was ink gray and threatened to rain. The landscape was charcoal. The horse galloped with all his might. I tried to redirect him, tried to slow him down, and even tried to throw myself off. We were headed somewhere off. Somewhere bad. “No!” I shouted as I…Read more Chapter Nine: Black and White

Chapter Eight: Prepared Or Not

A few minutes passed before Rabbit raced up next to me, panting, “Ohmylightareyou~ Are you alright?” he gasped, his little chest heaving. “Ye-yeah,” I stuttered. He approached and raised to put a paw to his chest. “I saw the dragon and I thought for sure you were a goner! Man, I almost didn't make it.…Read more Chapter Eight: Prepared Or Not

Projects Update #1

​I'm going to document my current projects, what they are, and where you can find them. When there's updates (such as, I finally post them), I'll add a new update. Keep an eye out.  DEVIANT ART:     Where to find my art? Check out my Deviant Art, HERE. ART PRINTS:     I'm currently building…Read more Projects Update #1

War of the Riders

Hey, chapter 8 Will be up soon. I have to schedule my posts due to internet difficulties and a lack of trust in my phone to post anything. If you can't wait, you can read it on Wattpad: Thanks and I look forward to posting more.