Genre: Comic book, Fantasy Length: 272 Platform: Kindle Link:  Artist’s Website   A spurned knight turned evil. A shapeshifting girl with a sad past and thuggish attitude. And an organization who works behind the scenes to manipulate power and the people. At first, Nimona is a play on knights in shining armor and good vs…Read more Nimona


Search For WandLa (Bk 1)

Genre: Sci-fy Length: 512 Rating: Intermediate – Young Adult Link: Find the Book on Amazon!   From the mind behind Spider Wick Chronicles (with Holly Black) comes a science-fantasy epic about a girl coming of age and learning about where and how she belongs in the world. I have read books one and two and will…Read more Search For WandLa (Bk 1)

Space Trilogy Omnibus by CS Lewis

  Genre: Sci-Fy Platform: Kindle Length: 624 Link: Amazon's omnibus edition   The first time I heard about this was when a pastor compared Avatar the movie to the first book. Then some friends and a teacher suggested it. So I had to read and I was pleasantly surprised. Each book has a message, but…Read more Space Trilogy Omnibus by CS Lewis

Henry Wood Detective Agency (Book One) By Brian Meeks

Genre: Mystery Noir Link: Amazon   What started as an online novel became the self-published book it is today. It is books like this that make me grateful I review independently published books. It’s a real gem, so lets dive in. Detective Wood is on the cusp of a hangover from a New Years Eve…Read more Henry Wood Detective Agency (Book One) By Brian Meeks

Run by Patti Larsen

Genre: Survival Horror, YA Length: 265 Platform: Kindle Link: amazon   Abducted. Dropped in a forest and left to die, Reid must survive in order not only to escape and find his sister, but understand the hunters stalking him. At first, I was worried this would be predictable, having read and seen several stories similar. I…Read more Run by Patti Larsen

Insanity (Book 1 out of 7)

Author: Cameron Jace Length: 246 pages Platform: Kindle Link: Amazon   I am a sucker for classic adaptations. I also love fast-paced fantasies, well written characters, and great mysteries that keep me guessing. I even love well written villains who are fleshed out, make you bite your nails when confronted, and make you wish you knew more…Read more Insanity (Book 1 out of 7)

TwoKinds By Tom Fischbach

Genre: Romance, fantasy, webcomic Length: 500+ pages (ongoing) Link: TwoKiinds About Page Updates: Wednesdays     This 12-year-old webcomic is a beautiful and fun experience. For anyone who has never read a comic book before or has a low opinion of them, I suggest this comic to introduce them to the wonders of the comic…Read more TwoKinds By Tom Fischbach