Flash Fiction Friday: “Sin”

​ This is based off the image prompt above, as provided by Rochelle:  https://rochellewisofffields.wordpress.com/2016/10/12/14-october-2016/  This is based on a story I have in mind, but haven't started writing.  Two oil lamps illuminated the kitchen, a reminder of our place in the Collective. Two flames, one being.  "These are not a sin," Mother echoed.  We could…Read more Flash Fiction Friday: “Sin”


FLASH FRIDAY FICTIONEER: Apartment-Condo-Thing From My Dream

I seriously had this dream last night about an apartment I lived in the night before I saw this prompt. I thought it would be cool to write the description here (hopefully on the computer and not on my phone), rather than a story. Of course, there was an epic escape from a vague-yet-menacing-government agency…Read more FLASH FRIDAY FICTIONEER: Apartment-Condo-Thing From My Dream

Flash fiction Friday: Patience

This stems from my newest book, War of the Riders. Patience is the mother of the main character. At one point, everyone is scattered throughout the country after a massive battle kills hundreds. Patience is my one of my favorite characters and I thought it would be interesting to write about her survival during this…Read more Flash fiction Friday: Patience

Flash Fiction Friday: Backpack Bells

  I haven't been writing the stuff about Rochelle Wisoff, who has been posting these for us bloggers to write these short stories so we can connect! Check her out HERE! This work is a bit longer than usual, but I wanted to write everything down. Also, my previous stories have been a bit longer than 100…Read more Flash Fiction Friday: Backpack Bells


She sipped again the peach slice and wine before sitting in front of me with a grunt. Her blonde hair was obviously a wig, her eyebrows a thin line, and her makeup as thick as mud. "It's for your own good," she prodded. "If you work for me, they won't kill you or put you…Read more FLASH FICTION FRIDAY: Weigh and Wine

Flash Fiction Friday: Kuppo Me

We climbed out of the truck. I was beginning to feel hopeless, as our quest to hunt down a Moogle plushie had become fruitless. Why did it seem so impossible at such a crucial time? Mom put her arm around my slumped shoulders and reassured, "We'll find it soon, sweetie. I bet Miss May will…Read more Flash Fiction Friday: Kuppo Me

FLASH FRIDAY FICTION! All Girls Survival Club

The oldest slammed the gavel on the podium and shouted over the group of girls, "Hey! Everybody!" Those sitting on the crates ceased chatter, a few giggling to one another in the back rows. "We need to discuss what we are going to put in the book. Any suggestions for chapter two?" "Miss Bonnem's cookies!"…Read more FLASH FRIDAY FICTION! All Girls Survival Club