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Chapter Seven: Still

I woke with a groan and found cuffs on my wrists, chaining me to the floor. I pulled on the chains as I became fully alert and aware. One of the three magi stood in front of me, his hands together in a shape to focus his mind. The glyph around me, I realized, pulsed.…Read more Chapter Seven: Still

Chapter Six: Choices and Consequences

I stared at the ceiling. The clock on the table between mine and Nina's bed showed the time to be somewhere around midnight. I hiccuped and tried not to cry too loud. Ever since the meeting with those doctors, I had no control over myself. I snapped at Isabelle for interrupting the chess game with…Read more Chapter Six: Choices and Consequences

Chapter Five:

Sydney ran her fingers through her hair. It was the week before the Arcane Science Fair. It wasn't mandatory for her degree in Magic-Craft, which was an umbrella term for enchantments, glyphs, and talismans. The project she wanted to present was showing some last-minute ~ “Fu... Ffffloozy...” she steamed as she held her hand. The…Read more Chapter Five:

Chapter Four: Hazy

I woke with a smokey quartz hanging over my head from a leather string, the tip of the gemstone drawing the tiniest circles in the air as it dangled there. An old hand holding it drew it away. “Welcome back, Lyric,” greeted the warm voice next to me. “How do you feel?” I blinked and…Read more Chapter Four: Hazy

Chapter Two – Tumbling Down

On the porch of the McMeirs, Mom hugged my shoulders in comfort. I leaned into her side and sighed. She said as she petted Lightning Dancer's big head on her other side, “Frightening, isn't it?” “Yeah,” I answered, my voice catching. It was bad enough I couldn't go to a school where I felt safe,…Read more Chapter Two – Tumbling Down

Ch 6 pt 1

Mark had to make a choice: Go to the villa and tell them he was there to kill the pig. Or kill the pig and go back to the villa to let them know it was dead. He decided to avoid dealing with the grief-stricken people and head in the direction it had been last.…Read more Ch 6 pt 1