Projects Update #1

I’m going to document my current projects, what they are, and where you can find them. When there’s updates (such as, I finally post them), I’ll add a new update. Keep an eye out. 

   Where to find my art? Check out my Deviant Art, HERE.

    I’m currently building up a stack of art to sell online on Etsy. I have two sets right now: Dragon Drinks and Fairy Tales. I’ll add more themes and random art as I go. I currently don’t have a link, but expect one when I finish these two sets. 
    I’ll also sell prints at my local farmers market. Let you know how that goes. 


    I’m teaching myself how to animate. It almost feels natural and I’m really enjoying it (If by enjoying it, I mean crying every time I watch my own animation in a fit of raw emotion, then yes. I’m enjoying it). 

Fallout Equestria Fan Animation
An animation based on the fan fiction that started my love of fan fiction and MLP. Its thirty seconds long and won’t have much meat in terms of what the story is. I’m using it as a learning tool to teach myself the basics. Also, I’m learning OpenToonz, so that’s a lot to learn in itself. Its not going to be perfect, but its something.

Black and Red
A story about two robot factions fighting for resources in a barren wasteland. The Red Faction is a kingdom led by a queen, while the Black Faction is a ragtag of tribes spread across the desert. A Black Scout and a Red Warrior are exiled and join together to survive. They learn secrets lost to conflict and time. 
    Its a series I have ready to go, but I still need to finish the FOE animation first.
    When I start it up, I’ll post it here. 


    Its a fantasy story about a young man who is plagued by mysterious creatures. One of them abducts his childhood friend. With the help of an odd talisman, he must fight his way through terrifying lands to find and rescue her.
    A comic I have coming soon. I’ve already posted one character concept art and I’ll post more. I’m in the scripting phase and working out some world building kinks. The comic was originally meant to be a video game (which I almost had made, but gave up due to coding difficulties. I’ll try again later), so I’m rebuilding the world with the comic book in mind. 

I have a Wattpad where you can read my latest works, including my Pokemon Fan Fiction (which is updated on a whim). My book, War of the Riders, has hit a bit of a wall and I’m going to try working on other books to find a solution. I will, however, continue to post chapters. Hopefully, I can break this wall I’ve hit and continue. If not, I may let the book sit aside a bit longer to come back. Its not that I don’t know where to go with it, its just that I’ve hit some sort of emotional wall and everything I write feels empty at this point.
    I’m going to start working on a fantasy epic. Whether or not I post it to Wattpad is still up in the air. I’m still in the outlining and world building phase. 
    Check out Wattpad: HERE

I hope to update you later with more links. 


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