Flash Fiction Friday: “Sin”

This is based off the image prompt above, as provided by Rochelle: 

This is based on a story I have in mind, but haven’t started writing. 

Two oil lamps illuminated the kitchen, a reminder of our place in the Collective. Two flames, one being. 

“These are not a sin,” Mother echoed. 

We could not meet her eye. We dared not look at the forbidden contraband on the table.

“I’m afraid for you and what the Rite will reveal. I have always known you were meant to leave Pluto. Especially minds like yours.”

“Please, stop,” We whimpered. “We will remain here, where We belong. How could you endanger yourself like this?”

Two are whole. One is a sin. How could she? She lied to Us.

“Because I love you.” 

~~~ Word count: 102 ~~~
I can’t believe I’m starting this again, but I miss doing this.I have a new phone (A Samsung) so posting will be a little easier.I can’t promise I’ll make it each week, but I’m going to try. I’m learning this app and haven’t figured out how to link things properly…

Feel free to read my book I’m posting on here! It would help a lot, especially if you have any suggestions or critiques. 

Thank you. 


4 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday: “Sin”

    • It’s fine and I’m glad you’re at least interested. I had to cram the scene into 100 words, so it’s understandable. I actually have a spreadsheet written up for the story. I’m trying to stay focused on one project at a time, through.
      Thanks again!


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